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Meet the Team

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Hisham Mubaidin
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Michael McCullough

Hisham was born in Jordan into a military family which set the foundation for the rest of his life.   His father became a General and the head of Jordan’s Air Force.  With that example it isn’t surprising that Hisham too joined the military which promptly sent him to America for an education. Hisham enrolled at George Washington University and earned a degree in Civil Engineering in 1983.  Following his graduation he returned to Jordan to follow in his father’s footsteps but soon realized that his future lay in a different direction.  He returned to the states and became involved in the oil and gas industry in 1990 and has owned and operated convenience stores ever since.  To know Hisham is to make a friend and that trait

is best exemplified by the lifelong friends he has from the executive offices of major oil companies to untold Dealers around the country.  Those relationships, paired with his background in math and engineering, mean Hisham doesn’t see obstacles, only opportunities.  His friendship with Mike didn’t happen quickly as they are often described as polar opposites.  But both recognized the abilities of the other and with time formed a bond more akin to brothers than partners in a thriving business.

Mike's training in the convenience store business started young and he would brag or lament, depending on your perspective, that he got his start at the age of 12 when his dad had him cleaning bathrooms.  Perhaps that was his motivation to go to law school.  He practiced for many years but ultimately came back to his roots.  Although Mike grew up in the convenience store industry, during his tenure as a lawyer he wasn’t part of it.  So when he met Hisham they looked at things from very different perspectives.  Ultimately they found a happy medium, Mike handles the legal and financial side of the business, and Hisham handles talking to people.  Strangely, it works and a bond that no one would have ever predicted exists that has served as the foundation for the company’s growth and success.   

Will McCullough

Will graduated from the Citadel in 2013 with a degree in Business Administration and spent a few years in the financial industry before attending the Iron Yard for a crash course in front-end development. He parlayed that into an internship with a tech company in Charleston, SC where he rose to become a Project Manager before ultimately joining our team in November, 2019. 

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Morgan Reeder

Despite being the newest addition to the team, Morgan has emerged as the backbone that keeps us running.  If you need something early or late you can always count on Morgan to be burning the midnight oil.  

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